The Kylie Revolution: Changing the face of cosmetics industry 

Kylie Cosmetics is a line of makeup products created by Kylie Jenner. Kylie has spent an undisclosed amount of time with her “amazing team” in her lab devoted to formulating what she terms the “Kylie Look.” With her cosmetics, you can achieve her look right from your own home.

To view how others are recreating the Kylie Look on their own, you can simply use the hashtag #KylieCosmetics. Here, you will seean array of photos of how others look like when they use her products. Safe to say, you’ll be able to achieve the same with your own selection of Kylie Jenner products.

Ever since the inception of celebrities, the rich and famous, there has been a market for those who want to look like these glamorous, gorgeous people. From the platinum blonde Bob sported proudl by Marilyn Monroe to the Rachel haircut that took the 90s by storm, if someone famous is doing it, everyone wants to do it. And nowadays this goes above and beyond hairstyles. 

With shows and magazines tracking almost every move of these celebrities, people can get an inside look to almost every personal aspect of the rich and the famous, from what shoes they’re wearing to the shade of their lip gloss.

In recent years, it has become extremely popular for companies to rip of styles seen on the red carpet or outfits sported on a daily basis. There are  websites that show readers where they can ‘get the look’, whether they want to spend the money on the original or find something close enough at a discount. 

From Kate Middleton’s day dresses to Taylor Swift’s earrings, it’s possible to find exactly what pieces a person is wearing and match their style.
While it’s great to match, one of the things that gets people even more excited is when their favorite celebrity actually creates a product based on what they wear. This has most noticeably been seen with the Kardashian and Jenner sisters. 

From their signature pouts to their smoky eyes, these sisters have been able to create makeup products and design clothes that match their styles. At the forefront of this movement is Kylie Jenner.
Kylie cosmetics

There’s a total craze about Kylie’s cosmetic line everywhere – from teenagers to people in there forties. Maybe its Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic line or its presentation. There were also many complaints and harsh comments about the products but as they say – No good deed goes unpunished. 

Kylie Lipkit 

Kylie’s big best move in the makeup industry was when she released a lip gloss that allowed women to get her signature pout.Women everywhere were dying to get those filled, beautiful lips, so it made sense that when she released a product that could get them the results, it sold out in minutes.

Here is a breakdown of each Lip Kit colour so you know exactly what hues you need to add to your cart when she restocks the site.

1. Candy K – Nude Colour 

2. Dolce K – Caramel Colour

3. True Brown K – Deep Chocolate Brown Colour 

4. Poise K – Dusty Mauve Pink

5. Koko K – Pale Pinky Nude 

6. Mary Jo K – A true blue-red colour 

8. Kourt K – Deep Purple

9. Like Gloss – Nude Colour

10. Literally Gloss – Bit like Dolce K, most popular

11. So Cute Gloss – Super Light Nude Gloss

12. Reign – Rose-Gold Shade

13. King – Golden 

14. Heir – Light Pink Shade

15. Dead of Knight – Black

16. Majesty – Black Metal Matte

17. Skylie – Blue

18. Freedom – Royal Blue

19. Kristen – Strawberry-Red Colour (My favourite shade)

20. Ginger – Warm Nude

21. Maliboo – Cool Pink

22. Leo – For her birthday edition kits, Kylie launched this gorgeous matte burgundy.

23. Poppin’ – Metallic Rose-Gold Gloss

24. Lord – True Gold Shade

Keep checking back as Kylie expands her lip kit collection!

While I don’t wear a ton of face or eye makeup, I LOVE lipstick, especially matte lipstick. When Kylie Jenner first started teasing her matte lipstick collection months ago, I wasn’t a big fan, until recently when she launched her birthday collection. I can’t wait to snag a Lip Kit for myself. I specially love the Kristen colour. Maliboo, Ginger, Koko K…. Every shade is so good and perfect along with their matching lipliners.

If anyone wants to buy their lipkits in India, without the shipping and all, there is an Instagram page called @makeup_and_u ;they have tons of Kylie lipkits and they are shipping all over India. Infact, they have all the international brands. People say that the lipstick smells like a cross between butterscotch and icing — maybe butterscotch icing? It’s very, very strong. The smell, shade, packaging – specially packaging gives it a big thumbs up.
Kylie’s Kyshadow

Yes, she has launched eyeshadows as well. Kylie is doing it again this summer by releasing a set of eye shadows, or Kyshadow’s, that mimic her own eye look. And just like before, Kyshadow sold out in a matter of minutes. At the moment, the only palette available is the Bronze Palette, but there will be more released soon. 

Kyshadow was released on July 26 and sold out extremely quickly, with all of Kylie’s fans rushing to the website to get their hands on the product that would allow them to get Kylie’s signature look. Kyshadow is a pressed powder eye shadow that comes in nine different colours powder eye shadow that comes with nine different colors. They can be used individually or mixed and matched to get a wide range of looks.
Of course, one of the first thing people want to know when purchasing Kyshadow is exactly what colours are include in the Bronze Palette. While other palettes will be released in the future that will expand on these colors, all the ones offered with this particular palette are bronze or close to bronze.

 The best thing about this colour palette being the first one to be released is that these colors compliment almost every skin tone, so there truly is something for everyone with Kyshadow Bronze Palette. Again I can’t wait to order it. And yes, the presentation, like that of her lipsticks, is just as aesthetically pleasing.
A list of the nine hues included in the Bronze Palette, are as follows –

1. Jasper – Creamy Beige

2. Quartz – Champagne Gold

3. Topaz – Taupe

4. Goldstone – Bronze

5. Citrine – Bright Orange

6. Tiger Eye – Light, Golden Brown

7. Hematite – Chestnut Brown

8. Bronze – Chocolate Brown

9. Onyx – Black

As mentioned above, all the colours offered in the Kyshadow Bronze Palette, except for Quartz, are matte finish. The Quartz hue is a satin finish.
At the moment, Kyshadow has sold out on the Kylie Cosmetics website. However, when it was available for purchase, it was listed at $42, plus shipping and handling. Also, for those who were thinking of getting several palettes for friends and families, when Kyshadow was available for purchase it was only allowing one palette per customer. Again for India, you can ask the Instagam page – @makeup_and_u for the same.
For those who are fans of Kylie Jenner and have always wanted to get her signature looks, the release of Kyshadow is a huge event. Now, even those who don’t have the budget or capability to live like the Kardashian at least get the look. 
I can’t wait to get my hands on them. It’s the most wanted item on my list besides a Daniel Wellington watch. I hope this helped all the fashion/Beauty enthusiasts or reminds others that they have to apply their lipkits & Kyshadows right now! 
~Sanjana Singh

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