My dear are you falling in the ambush of loving life? Does it all seem too facile? As it should be. Omit the negativity and look at the dazzling side of that beauteous soul of yours. And let that side takeover. 

I don't fall for people with astonishing beauty and class anymore. The people who make me look twice at them are now usually the ones with weird glamour. People with unusual charm and silly humour. People who possess inside beauty. The folk which other people would generally ignore and make fun of.There is weird energy… Continue reading

I lie awake tonight. Thinking, it was beautiful. The times spent together, the words exchanged, the alluring touches. It was like my life was high on this startling ecstasy. Ecstasy so compulsive, that now it's all a plight, now that it's over. It's all chaos. A mix of rage and unwanted euphoria. I love you.… Continue reading