Heuristics and Cognitive Biases

While reading Daniel Kahneman's work, I came across the science of Heuristics. Heuristics or the technique of heuristic employs a practical method not necessarily optimal or perfect, but sufficient enough for immediate goals. It also leads to cognitive biases. Herbert Simon, in the 1950s, was the first psychologist to suggest that while people strive to… Continue reading Heuristics and Cognitive Biases

Gnostic Principle of Polarity

The Kybalion was written by the three initiates which includes the seven Hermetic principles that are the magical laws that govern the universe, but these laws are almost present in all things around us and are very less exclusive to magic itself. The fourth Hermetic principle is known as the principle of polarity wherein all… Continue reading Gnostic Principle of Polarity

Alchemy, Mysticism and the Transmutable Truth

Ancient understandings of alchemy relied on chemistry to walk upon the path that leads to the truth which many in history mistook as the search of the elixir of immortality or the lust for the alchemical gold. This misunderstanding arose from the self's lust for a valuable experience of reality. Mysticism, in essence, as opposed… Continue reading Alchemy, Mysticism and the Transmutable Truth

The Woman wearing Khamsa of the Phoenician Goddess ~ bliss in the Himalayas.

  wandering around the stretch near the Himalayas my eyes gaze upon the divine woman wearing the Khamsa the amulet of the Goddess Tanit of Phoenicia hanging from the black thread tied around her neck   her eyes of innocence now glaring at me as she struggles to push her bag out the door elegantly… Continue reading The Woman wearing Khamsa of the Phoenician Goddess ~ bliss in the Himalayas.

The Temple of Transcendence

the transcendentalist whilst finding the self within the loneliness visits the temple of transcendence in the psychic world of the northern sky.   after doubting the heuristics of the decision the transcendentalist sits in sukhasana and within a second, as the eyes shut its doors of visionary perception, she transcends the boundaries that keep the… Continue reading The Temple of Transcendence