Sartrean Cogitations – II

B. The Image Family In Sartrean terms, the intention evokes the object of the image-consciousness, a representation of the very absence of the object which is an accumulation of matter of worldly things and of the mental-world i.e., external and psychic elements of matter. REFLECTIONS (i) It is the coming together of the imaginary and real-world… Continue reading Sartrean Cogitations – II

Sartrean Cogitations – I

We may therefore conclude that imagination is not an empirical power added to consciousness, but it is the whole of consciousness as it realizes freedom. Jean-Paul Sartre Jean-Paul Sarte's The Imaginary: A Phenomenological Psychology of the Imagination (1940), outlines the mandatory stage i.e., the inquiry into imagination which carefully discerns nothingness that consciousness fabricates and the… Continue reading Sartrean Cogitations – I

Reminiscences of Oneiros – III

A. Rosario del Alma Himeros, beside his two apotheosized intimates, takes the maiden on an odyssey to Tarifa of Iberia. unwinding at a diner, her eyes wander the baroque-style quarters in meditation, an abrupt thought surfaces-- clausura neuroses! the maiden turns to Himeros to address the essential, "Alabahun, banish to the land of sin". dismayed, alarmed,… Continue reading Reminiscences of Oneiros – III

Hypnagogia & the Study of Psychoactive Psychopharmacology – I

I've been talking about researching Hypnagogia and the wonderful visual field it presents to the individual experiencing this hallucinatory state, as a part of one of my prospective PhD thesis subjects for a while now. Therefore, I've decided to keep on updating here on my blog page some hypotheses as I keep researching the phenomenon… Continue reading Hypnagogia & the Study of Psychoactive Psychopharmacology – I

Vision 3.0

(A) Ego death in the research or act of conscious-exploration cannot be defined as the death of self or individuality, as the ego is merely ancillary to self. Therefore, ego death can be described as per Jungian notions the death of the personal extra-conscious ego while the omnipresent extra-conscious ego remains in partial correspondence with… Continue reading Vision 3.0


solar plexus, the E note in union blow the cornucopia, awakening empusa thunder, wind, and rains in apotheosis gaze on the cthonic planet.   a young creatour absorbed in eleusinian mysteries lays on the Tunisian carpet, the "jar of manna" the mogra candle lit, leaf climbers swaying while an incense smell escapes the ecclesia spiritualis.… Continue reading Enantiodromia