Reminiscences of Oneiros – III

A. Rosario del Alma Himeros, beside his two apotheosized intimates, takes the maiden on an odyssey to Tarifa of Iberia. unwinding at a diner,┬áher eyes wander the baroque-style quarters in meditation, an abrupt thought surfaces-- clausura neuroses! the maiden turns to Himeros to address the essential, "Alabahun, banish to the land of sin". dismayed, alarmed,… Continue reading Reminiscences of Oneiros – III


solar plexus, the E note in union blow the cornucopia, awakening empusa thunder, wind, and rains in apotheosis gaze on the cthonic planet.   a young creatour absorbed in eleusinian mysteries lays on the Tunisian carpet, the "jar of manna" the mogra candle lit, leaf climbers swaying while an incense smell escapes the ecclesia spiritualis.… Continue reading Enantiodromia